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  • 25 reviews
    Handmade Wooden Bird Box

    Your Handcrafted Regular Bird Box

    $36.00 $31.00
    Bird Box
  • 39 reviews
    Large Handmade Wooden Bird Box

    Our Bigger & Better Bird Box

    $42.00 $36.00
    Bird Box
  • 11 reviews
    Handmade Wooden Owl Box

    Our Best Nest Box For Large Birds

    $50.00 $43.00
    Bird Box
  • 1 review
    Solar Camera Ready Bird Box $47.00
  • 14 reviews
    Handmade Wooden Side View Bird Box

    Best Bird Box For Footage Quality

    $54.00 $47.00
    Bird Box
  • Paint Your Own Bird Box

    Nest Box With Your Own Personal Touch

    Bird Box
  • Tawny Owl Box

    A Home Specifically For Tawny Owls

    Owl Box
  • Universal Bird of Prey Bird Box

    Provide A Home For Any & All Birds Of Prey

    Bird Box
  • Handmade Bat Box

    Provide A Safe Space For Endangered Bats

    Bat Box
  • Wildlife Specialists

    When it comes to watching wildlife, we’re no birdbrains. As the UK’s leading supplier of bird box cameras and wildlife cameras, we’ve spent well over a decade designing and building ways for you to discover which creatures call your garden ‘chirp’, ‘squeak’ or ‘snuffle’ (translation: home).

    Who are we?

    Helping you bring nature indoors

    We’ve spent more than 13 years designing and building the best bird box cameras and wildlife cameras to help you bring nature indoors. You can choose the right way for you to watch all the animal activity in your garden: TV, tablet or smartphone. We also sell a range of UK-made bird boxes and wildlife habitats to mount your camera in.

    Our own mobile app

    Live feeds via our Green Feathers app

    We’ve developed our official Green Feathers app so you can get the best experience out of our WiFi cameras. You can even upload your highlights to YouTube and share them with friends and family.

    What we do

    Our cameras are small and mighty

    Our super-compact cameras are small enough to be discreetly mounted in any wooden bird box or wildlife habitat without disturbing its residents. Each camera has a wide-angle lens so you don’t miss any wildlife comings and goings; in-built audio to hear every chirp and rustle; true-to-life colour for crisp, clear daytime images, and night vision kicks in when it’s dark so you won’t miss any nocturnal action.

    Get to Know Your Garden’s Residents

    At Green Feathers, we want to introduce you to the best neighbours you could hope for: the creatures all around you! Our birdbox and wildlife cameras can do just that, day or night, all from the comfort of your home. 

    Perhaps you’re a hedgehog fund manager, or maybe you’re simply after a five-starling experience. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. Order from Green Feathers today, and pull back the lens on your digital window to the wild!

    Our Story

    3 year guarantee with fuss free 30 day returns. Our dedicated technical and customer service teams are here to help.

    Free delivery when you spend over £50 and express next day delivery available.

    Our dedicated exclusive Green Feathers app for both iOS and Android will allow you to view your camera from anywhere you have an internet connection.

    All our packaging is fully recycled and recyclable – we use as little plastic as possible in all our products, packaging and delivery packages.

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