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Bringing Nature Back: Green Feathers and Reewild

Bringing Nature Back: Green Feathers and Reewild

Green Feathers has a simple but potent mission - to bring nature back to your garden. With our top-of-the-line wildlife cameras, we want to encourage communities across the world to protect the wildlife closest to home. However, with an international customer base and complex supply chain, we realised the need to extend our mission beyond garden fences. The long term recovery of nature at a local level can only exist thanks to global restoration efforts on a massive scale. So, the next step was to fund such projects that truly support the foundations upon which the company is built. 

Reforestation in action

Working with Reewild, Green Feathers has set about funding reforestation projects that underpin the narrative of the business. Alongside their investment, Reewild has helped to communicate progress effectively and transparently, moving beyond fluffy buzzwords and taglines. 

Together, we:

  • Fund Eden Reforestation projects with every customer purchase
        • Thanks to Reewild’s eCommerce integration, every one of Green Feathers’ online orders now funds tree planting across the world, supporting projects in Brazil, Kenya, Mozambique, Nepal, and the Philippines.
        • The new forests will help to reverse climate change, global deforestation, and habitat loss for endangered species.
        • Eden Reforestation also follows a people-first approach, focusing on giving back to the local communities that are highly impacted by the climate crisis. The success of each project and the communities’ success are inextricably entwined. We are supporting not just tree planting, but the long-term restoration of both community and forest.
  • Communicate our efforts transparently
      • To be honest with our customers whilst taking pride in the action we are taking, Reewild has created a bespoke Public Impact Page. This acts as an information repository and as an effective communication tool to confidently spread the message and story behind our joint positive environmental impact.
      • Reewild has also assisted in the digital communication of our joint mission, and helped Green Feathers to be as transparent as possible.

    Restoring nature openly and honestly

    Both Green Feathers and Reewild are excited about the potential that this partnership brings. Both companies are wholly committed to restoring and rewilding the world. As we move forward, we will continue to be as open and honest as possible about the impact we have, whilst continuing to bring back nature in a world that so desperately needs it.

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