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Green Feathers FAQs

If you need a helping hand getting set up or if there is something you are unsure about, please visit our help site where you can find all our support guides, videos and tips. 

General Buying Questions

We aim to dispatch UK orders within 1 working day. Orders before 4pm on a working day are usually dispatched the same day. We have a range of delivery options, so that if you need it the next working day, that’s no problem. 

Yes, we can ship internationally. Please see our delivery page for more information

We offer a 3-year guarantee on products as standard (excluding batteries). Read more about out guarantee policy

If you are unhappy with your item(s) then we offer a hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee on all orders. Find out more about our return policy

If you discover an issue with your item(s) please get in touch with us as soon as possible. We can arrange a replacement or return to solve the issue. Find out more about returns policy

As standard, you are covered by our 3-year guarantee, so that in the unlikely event your equipment develops a fault in the future, we can help you out. Read more about out guarantee policy

General Bird Box Camera Questions

Bird box cameras are tiny cameras, no larger than a matchbox, which can be fitted inside of a bird nest box to give you a fascinating window into the world of your garden birds. You can connect the camera receiver to a television and computer or for some cameras your smartphone and tablet so that you can enjoy your footage from the comfort of home. 

Yes, many of our camera kits allow you to record to a computer and our WiFi cameras even have an internal MicroSD card slot for recording footage directly in-camera. 

Yes, there are a few ways of doing this. You can use one of our classic bird box camera kits and connecting it up to our USB Video Capture Device to view and record on your computer. Our HD Bird Box Cameras, when connected to your network, can also be watched on your computer and on multiple devices. 

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Our camera kits include a bracket, which allows you to screw the camera to the wall of the nest box, placing the camera up and out of the way of the nesting birds. Our bird boxes have predrilled holes to make installation as easy as possible. 

Yes! We are the first to offer a Wired IP and WiFi HD bird box cameras, which means that the signal from the camera can be sent down a network cable or over WiFi. You can watch from your smartphone, tablet or PC wherever you are using the free app! The cameras also boast much-improved HD images. 

Our original wireless camera does not have WiFi connectivity and has a much more limited range and image quality. Our WiFi camera offers much clearer HD images and an interference-free experience. The wireless camera simply sends to a receiver and connects to a TV for live viewing and does not record unless you have a separate capture device or recorder. However, the Wi-Fi camera works with smartphones, tablets and computers and has inbuilt recording to MicroSD cards. 

Our best nest box cameras feature high-quality imaging chips and digital processing to produce high-definition images with excellent detail and vibrant colours. We have a wired option for unbeatable reliability and our Wi-Fi camera for simplicity and flexibility. 

Our bird box cameras are designed to be used inside enclosures, so the casings are not waterproof. This means if you are using the cameras outside you will need to find a way of protecting them from wind and rain. 

Our Daylight LED Lamp provides natural-looking daylight during the day to boost your colour images. It gives enough light to guarantee clear full colour recordings yet won’t be too bright or disturb the animals. Do make sure everything is installed before animals have started nesting in the box, as disturbing them can cause nest abandonment. 

Yes, our bird box cameras record in colour during the daytime. When it is dark, the night vision switches on, which provides black-and-white images. If it is too dark in the nest box during the day, install one of our Daylight LED Lamps to boost the lighting inside the box to get the best picture possible. 

Some of our tiniest cameras do not have room to fit in what we call a “IR Cut” filter. This filters out infrared light from hitting the sensor. This means sometimes in low-light conditions the camera produces a pinky-purple image, this is not a fault with the camera. To get the best colour images during the daytime, install one of our Daylight LED Lamps. 

It is perfectly normal for the camera to feel warm to the touch while in operation. Don’t worry this won’t harm any nesting birds! 

WiFi Bird Box Camera (NCIP2WF)

Our original wireless camera does not have WiFi connectivity and has a much more limited range and image quality. Our WiFi camera offers much clearer HD images and an all-digital interference-free experience. The wireless camera simply sends to a receiver and connects to a TV for live viewing. It does not record unless you have a separate capture device or recorder. However, the WiFi camera works with smartphones, tablets and computers and has in-built recording to MicroSD cards. 

Yes! The free app allows you to stream the camera live and watch back recordings. 

The app works on iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets. The app supports iOS 8.1 or later and Android 5 or later. 

Yes, you can download the PC software to watch the camera live, adjust settings and record footage onto your hard drive. 

The camera needs to be powered by the included power supply to work reliably. We understand that it is not always practical to run cables, but we do have extension cables to add up to 20 metres extra length to the power supply cable. 

The power supply included for free in the kit has 3 metres of cable. You can purchase one of our extension cables for up to 20 metres of extra cable length. 

There is a way of directly connecting to the camera without even needing to have a WiFi network. This method of direct connection does have a limited range, so we recommend connecting the camera to your WiFi network if possible. This allows you to connect into your camera even when you are away from home. 

While you can't initially set up the camera using a Mac, you can download software for macOS to allow you to stream your camera. 

This camera is not designed to work on TVs unlike some of our other cameras that wire into the back of the TV. In some cases, the app can work with smart TVs, although this is not something we guarantee. The app works on Apple TV and may also work on smart TVs that are compatible with Android apps. 

Not everybody’s WiFi signal can reach far into the garden. This is quite normal, especially in larger properties. One potential solution is to use a WiFi Repeater that can extend the range of your network into your garden so that the camera can receive a reliable signal. Failing this, it may be worth considering our wired options. 

Yes! The camera features an in-built slot that supports MicroSD cards up to 128GB in capacity (card not included). This allows the camera to record footage for later playback and it can automatically overwrite older footage when it becomes full. 

When recording, it uses about 2GB per hour of space, so with a 64GB card, you can expect the camera to record for up to 32 hours of footage and 64 hours using a 128GB card. 

The microphone allows the camera to capture high-quality audio for such a small size. If you are not hearing any sound when you are watching your camera there are a couple of simple solutions. 

First, ensure that the WiFi antenna or any cables are not touching the microphone so that you get the best sound quality. 

Second, audio streaming is turned off by default, so you’ll need to turn this on. To do this go to Encoding Settings in the configuration menu and toggle on Audio. 

I’m struggling to set up the camera on my WiFi network. What do I do? 

Visit our help site where you can find all our support articles. 

Make sure you have inserted the MicroSD card before powering up the camera. If the card is still not detected, you may need to ensure it is formatted properly in the FAT32 format. 

No, this camera only operates on the 2.4 GHz band. For dual-band WiFi networks with separate SSIDs connect to the "2G" version. 

The name of the free app is iCSee Pro, which is available on the Apple & Google app stores. 

There are two WiFi modes: direct connection or connecting to your WiFi network (recommended). 

The direct connection mode has a range of up to 50 metres. 

When you connect the camera to your WiFi network you just need a strong signal at the location where you are placing the camera. If your WiFi network doesn't quite reach the location of the camera you can acquire a network extender to improve the signal. 

I need a power extension cable. Which one is the correct one? 

You need the power extension cable with 2.1mm jack

Wireless Bird Box Camera (NC701G)

Not quite. By 'wireless' we mean that the camera transmits its video using a wireless signal to a receiver. The camera itself still needs to be powered (unfortunately we haven't developed unicorn pixie dust yet) and the most reliable way for the camera to be powered is by the mains. We also have battery packs for powering the cameras for a limited amount of time. 

Our classic wireless cameras can reach up to 30 metres in clear line-of-sight between the camera and the receiver, but this will reduce if there are any obstructions, including walls and windows. However, our Wi-Fi camera works anywhere with a good Wi-Fi signal, so you just need to make this so at the site where you want the camera. We have Wi-Fi extenders to improve the range of your Wi-Fi network. 

For longer distances or properties with a lot of interference then we would recommend wired solutions for a reliable and high-quality image.  

Many modern TVs do not have these connections. Our RCA to HDMI Video Adaptor converts the connection to HDMI, a standard featured on all modern TVs, for easy connection. 

No, this camera kit does not use WiFi. For this please see our WiFi Bird Box Camera

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Bird Boxes & Wildlife Habitats

Find out how in our blog post on the subject

Read our article to find out how to do this. 

See our tips for placing your bird box in our blog post.  

Yes, they certainly can! Our customers have had great success with hedgehog box cameras. See our options available to find out more!


1.3mm or 2.1mm? Which power extension cable works with my camera? 

1.3mm: works with cameras with codes starting NC701 
2.1mm: works with cameras with codes starting NCIP2 

Our Daylight LED Lamp can be powered “in line” using the camera’s existing power supply if it is 12 volts. For cameras of other voltages, you will need to run a separate power supply. 

12V cameras: product codes beginning NCIP2, NCTV2 
Other voltage cameras: product codes beginning NC701, CMOSNC7 

These work with both Windows and Mac computers.