Camera Memory & Networking Accessories

Whether you need to extend your wireless network? Or need an SD card for your Wi-Fi Bird Box Camera, our Green Feathers camera memory and networking accessories have you covered. Never miss a moment of footage from your bird box and wildlife cameras and upgrade your pre-existing kit, today!
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Discover camera and networking accessories

Upgrading your bird box and wildlife camera’s memory and networking capabilities ensures you’ll never miss a moment when trying to access your garden wildlife footage. Whether your wireless transmission or Wi-Fi connection needs extending or you need extra storage space for those key moments when you know you’ll be away, we have the solution for you. 

Why choose our camera memory and networking accessories?

We wouldn’t be the UK’s leading supplier of bird box and wildlife cameras if we didn’t also supply the accessories you need for camera memory and networking. Our customers know that our expert wildlife watching solutions are the best in the business, no matter what their camera set up is. 

Frequently asked questions about camera memory and networking accessories

Do wildlife cameras need Wi-Fi to access footage?

Whilst many people love Wi-Fi bird boxes and cameras, for their easy in-app access to footage, there are other connection options available. If you like a wireless connection, but have unstable Wi-Fi in your garden, you may be better suited to a wildlife camera with wireless transmission - such as our Long Range Wireless Network Bird Box & Wildlife HD Camera. However, if you’re quite the home-bird and want to rely on a constant, stable connection, you may instead prefer a wired connection, like with our Cable Connection Bird Box & Wildlife HD Camera Recorder Pack

Will any SD card work in a trail camera?

The size of the SD card that will work in your trail camera will depend on which trail camera you purchase. At Green Feathers, all our cameras with SD card storage capabilities only fit MicroSD memory cards. These are available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. 

Can I use my wildlife camera as a security camera?

Whilst hypothetically speaking, your wildlife camera could work as a security camera, we do not recommend it. Wildlife cameras are designed to be either on the ground or closely mounted to the animals you’re watching in your garden. Therefore, they won’t be able to get a full view of your home, or be able to alert you if an intruder has been detected.