Bird Feeder Cameras

Our easy-to-install Wi-Fi-enabled bird feeder cameras and wired bird feeder cameras kits let you observe hungry birds in your garden snacking away on our eco-friendly premium bird seed feeders. Connect with a smartphone on our exclusive Green Feathers app or to your TV or monitor for all-year-round bird-watching

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Discover bird feeder cameras 

Bird feeder camera kits are the best way to catch your flying friends in action, and to keep them in one place to observe. Our Easy-to-install Wi-Fi and wired cameras capture unique moments in 1080p high-definition footage, whilst also providing much-needed nutrients to the birds you’re watching.  

Why choose our bird feeder cameras 

At Green Feathers, we’re experts in wildlife watching; so much so, that we’re the UK’s leading supplier of wildlife and bird box cameras. We’re passionate about bird-watching and know the best birds to watch are well-fed and happy ones

Frequently asked questions about bird feeder cameras

Is Wi-Fi or wired connection better?

This depends on how and when you want to watch your little friends feed. Wi-Fi enabled bird feeder cameras allow you to watch the birds from anywhere by connecting to your dedicated Green Feathers app - simply by just having an internet connection. However, if you want to watch the birds feed from the comfort of your home, wired bird feeder cameras are generally cheaper and connect to a TV or monitor. 

Where should I place my bird feeder camera?

The best place that you should install your bird feeder camera is directly in front of your bird seed feeder, in a sheltered spot. Though most bird cameras are weatherproof, keeping them shelter prevents the risk of damage and the camera being blocked by rain droplets. 

Why are birds not feeding from my feeder?

Birds are very wary of predators, so you need to be very thoughtful about where you place your bird seed feeder and camera. If birds sense that the area is unsafe due to animals such as cats and squirrels, or frequent loud noises, they will avoid the feeder. Instead, place your bird feeder in a quiet location, away from noisy spots and trees.