Bird Box Camera 4K Recorder Bundle


Bird Box Camera 4K Recorder Bundle


Product Code: NCTV8ADVR

In this Ultimate 4K Bird Box Camera bundle, we've combined the power of our tiny 4K camera with a professional recorder (DVR). Simply connect the camera to the back of the recorder using the included 20-metre twist-fit cable and you'll be up-and-running seeing highly detailed images from the nest box.

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Stunning 4K Video
Our best resolution camera ever – this camera produces fully detailed 8-megapixel 4K video.

Tiny Camera for Nest Boxes
Despite all the technology we've packed into this little camera, it is small enough to be installed into a snug bird nesting box.

Night Vision
24/7 viewing with infra-red night vision so that you can see what is happening even in pitch black.

Wide-Angle Lens
The camera includes a wide-angle lens enabling the camera to see more of the inside of your nest box.

Hear every cheep and ruffle thanks to the in-built microphone picking up every little sound from the nest.

Professional Recorder
We've bundled our 4K Bird Box Camera with a professional DVR capable of recording in 4K to capture the most detail from the fluffy baby birds in the nest. You can also add four additional HD cameras.

Add up to 10TB of Storage
We've preinstalled a 1 terabyte hard drive into the recorder but you can also upgrade the recorder's HDD up to 10 terabytes in capacity for plenty of recording storage. 

H.265 Compression
This latest encoding technology allows for more video to be stored in less storage space.

Online Access
You can connect the recorder to your network for remote viewing on your PC, smartphone or tablet allowing you to watch anywhere in the world!

HDMI Output
Connect up the recorder to a TV or monitor using HDMI connectivity.