Hedgehog Habitats

Create a safe space in your garden for your night-time prickly pals with our range of custom-made, sustainable and highly resilient hedgehog habitats. Protect local hedgehogs and give them a comfortable place to not only rest, but also to feed and hide their little ones  - perfect to pair with our Green Feathers wildlife-watching cameras, including our specifically designed hedgehog cameras.

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Why choose our hedgehog habitats?

Protecting British wildlife is a core value at Green Feathers, and so we stand by the importance of providing safe and secure habitats for native visitors in our gardens. As hedgehog populations continue to decline, we want to support the conservation of our prickly pals with sustainable and resilient spaces to live - hence creating our range of custom-made hedgehog habitats. 

Frequently asked questions about hedgehog habitats

What is the best habitat for a hedgehog?

Hedgehogs are found all over the UK, in both rural and urban areas. They will source out gardens with plentiful supplies of food, looking also for places to nest, breed and hibernate. Open spaces are very unsafe for hedgehogs, with predators lurking for any chance to get them. Growing lots of enclosed shrubbery, installing a hedgehog box and leaving out food will make your garden the best habitat for a hedgehog. 

What do hedgehogs eat?

Wild hedgehogs eat a diet of worms, beetles, slugs, caterpillars, earwigs and millipedes, along with a wide range of other insects. However, more infrequently, they will take advantage of carrion, frogs, baby rodents, baby birds, birds' eggs and fallen fruit. 

In your hedgehog feeding habitat, you could place plain kitten biscuits or wet cat/dog food. This will not only prevent hedgehogs from the dangers of sourcing their own food, but will invite them into your hedgehog habitat. Make sure to change the food each day, even if uneaten.

How long do hedgehogs hibernate?

Native hedgehogs to the UK usually hibernate for around four months, from November to mid-March. However, this is wholly dependent on the weather, as in mild winters, hedgehogs may remain active well into December - if it isn’t cool enough for them to hibernate yet.