Bird Box & Bird Watching Accessories

Our Green Feathers wooden bird boxes are the best way to attract birds to your garden. Create a safe and welcoming new home for your flying friends, by making sure you're giving them the best with our bird nest and bird watching accessories. From bird feeders and seed mix to binoculars and species charts, we have everything you need to make your garden the best bird watching environment.
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Discover bird box and bird watching accessories 

Make garden bird watching the ultimate at-home experience with Green Feathers bird box and bird watching accessories. From large handmade wooden bird boxes to eco-friendly suet tubes, birds will feel right at home in your garden. And why not show off your love for your flying friends with our exclusive MetalBird outdoor artwork? Green Feathers has everything your garden needs. 

Why choose our bird box and bird watching accessories?

From Wi-Fi bird box cameras to wildlife trail cameras, Green Feathers are the UK’s leading supplier of bird and wildlife watching gadgets. Our customers trust in our bird watching knowledge and know that we have the accessories to make your garden the most bird-friendly it could be. Trust us to do the same for you, today!

Frequently asked questions about bird box and bird watching accessories

How do I attract birds to my bird box?

Some ways you can encourage birds to come over and nest in your bird box include making your garden more bird-friendly, installing things such as a bird bath and bird feeders, and keeping the bird box in a quiet place, away from loud noises. 

Should I put anything in my new bird box?

No, you should not put anything inside your new bird box. The best way to attract birds to your bird box is to keep it empty. Many species of birds are territorial and will avoid full nests - making an empty box far more welcoming for them! Birds naturally bring materials into the bird box to turn it into a nest. 

Where should you place a bird box?

Bird boxes should be placed high in trees, around 1-3 metres above the ground, away from high bird traffic areas (such as near your bird bath or bird feeder) and loud noises. Make sure that no foliage is blocking the bird box’s entrance, and that it is adequately sheltered from wind, rain and direct sunlight.