Bird Box & Wildlife Habitat Accessories

Find all the necessary accessories needed for wildlife and bird-watching; all from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re observing through our bird box and wildlife cameras, or a handy pair of binoculars, we have it all. From adaptors and cables to bird box lamps and stainless steel cover plates, upgrade your Green Feathers bird box and wildlife habitats today!
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Discover bird box and wildlife habitat accessories

Build upon your existing Green Feathers bird box and wildlife habitats with a wide range of accessories, to make garden wildlife watching the ultimate at-home experience. Green Feathers has every accessory needed to make your garden visitors feel truly at home in your garden, including eco-friendly seasonal bird seed mixes and bird food suet cones

Why choose our bird box and wildlife habitat accessories?

As the UK’s leading supplier of bird boxes and wildlife cameras, we want our customers to get the most out of their Green Feather garden habitats. We know exactly what you need to get wildlife in your garden and in front of your camera, so trust that we have the accessories to do just that. 

Frequently asked questions about bird box and wildlife habitat accessories

What should you put in a bird nesting box?

When you first purchase a Green Feathers bird nesting box, be sure to leave it empty. Your flying friends will naturally build nests in your bird box, and existing materials could indicate to a bird that this nest is already taken! 

Instead, invest in accessories around your garden to entice birds to come over. This could include things such as a bird bath, bird feeders and suet cones. 

Where should you not put a bird box?

Bird boxes should never be put directly in front of bird feeders and bird baths, as increased activity near these accessories will disrupt established nests and could lead to territorial issues in some species of birds. Bird nesting boxes should also be kept away from areas with loud noises, such as by house alarms, as these could scare birds away.

Should you empty bird boxes every year?

Yes! Make a habit of emptying and cleaning out your bird boxes every year; once the birds migrate for the autumn and winter months. This way, the bird box will be empty and ready to be nested in the new year, as well as free from parasites.