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How Do I Attract Hedgehogs into my Garden?

How Do I Attract Hedgehogs into my Garden?

The hedgehog is one of the UK's favourite garden wildlife but for many, it is seldom seen. Though the hedgehog is widely distributed across much of the UK, they are nocturnal and are often hidden away in bushes. So how can we attract hedgehogs into our gardens, so we too can marvel at their prickly cuteness?


Hedgehogs need to be able to access your garden. If your garden is fully walled or fenced off then you will not be able to get any visitors. You can create a hedgehog highway by cutting a hole about the size of a CD. This will ensure it is big enough for the hog, but not for predators.


Hedgehogs travel up to a mile every night in search of food. Their favourite food is insects so having a compost heap, or a bug hotel will be like a 5-star restaurant for hogs. Alternatively, you can purchase specific food for hedgehogs, or use wet dog and cat food mixed with crushed dog biscuits. Just avoid fishy flavours. We have an entire blog post on what to feed hedgehogs too.


Leaving out little water dishes will not only be helpful for hedgehogs, but all wildlife that passes through both in the day and night. Pop a twig or a ping pong ball in it to stop it freezing over during the winter.

A Home for a Hog.

A hedgehog house provides shelter and safety for our hogs. It allows them somewhere safe to eat the delicious food you've laid out without your cat bothering them, or somewhere to rest their little legs after their nocturnal adventures.
We have both a feeding station, and a house, specifically designed for hedgehogs, both of which you can mount a camera in to see what our little prickly friends get up to.

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Think Hog-friendly!

Firstly, If you have a pond in your garden, before you start luring in some prickly visitors, ensure you have a ramp so they can get in and out. Hedgehogs can swim but they struggle to get up steep sides. Secondly, refrain from using slug pellets as these are toxic to hedgehogs. Thirdly, always check for hogs before mowing, strimming, or starting bonfires.

 Do you have hedgehog visitors? or are you going to try and attract some?

2 comments on How Do I Attract Hedgehogs into my Garden?
  • Naomi Monso-Maestre
    Naomi Monso-Maestre

    I am trying to attract them. I know they are in this road and have left food , water and there are lots of holes in the hedge but nothing! What an I doing wrong?

    October 21, 2021
  • Lentos

    i am trying to attract. Do gigs next in one’s or twos ?

    November 23, 2020
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