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Closewatch Wildlife Cameras Has Flown the Nest

Closewatch Wildlife Cameras Has Flown the Nest

Exciting times as Green Feathers announces their takeover of Closewatch Wildlife Cameras from Roger Chilcott. Roger has been a pioneer in wildlife camera systems for many years and is known for his high-quality cameras and expertly designed bird nesting boxes. Roger has now flown the nest to enjoy a well-earned retirement.

He says: “I have spent over 10 years in the industry and many of those sourcing goods from the team at Green Feathers. They have always provided me with excellent advice, cameras and equipment, so it seemed a natural choice to approach them to take on the Closewatch legacy”.


Closewatch was one of the first companies to offer a complete camera and bird box solution. Meanwhile, Green Feathers has been providing its best-selling bird box camera range in the online marketplace. Now combining Closewatch’s knowledge in wildlife camera installations with Green Feathers’ advanced HD camera technology; this perfect marriage strengthens the Green Feathers brand as it acquires the knowledge and intellectual property that Roger Chilcott has developed including his box design and unique daylight lamp to improve the cameras’ colour daylight images.

“Camera technology is now moving really quickly and we were the first to launch high-definition IP and Wi-Fi bird box cameras viewable on your smartphone. With Roger’s experience with boxes, we hope to continue to develop the brand and offer better and better solutions to ours and Closewatch customers for years to come”, says Open 24 Seven’s managing director, Lee Adams.

Both companies have been involved in projects worldwide in designing and delivering specialist solutions to universities and farms to watch anything from endangered species to birds of prey to our garden bird favourites such as blue tits and robins.

“We do love a good challenge”, says Lee.

The latest products include the world’s first Wi-Fi camera specifically designed for bird box cameras and more bespoke solutions that allow HD cameras to be watched over a wireless link up to 3 kilometres away!

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  • RIchard Lumley
    RIchard Lumley

    In 2014 we purchased a standard range kit. It has been amazing to watch many families of bluetits being raised and now ,after much pecking to enlarge the entrance, sparrows have arrived. Great,well made bit of kit.

    April 27, 2020
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