TP-Link Powerline HomePlug Adaptor Kit

TP-Link Powerline HomePlug Adaptor Kit


Product Code: PLINE21000

This set of two easy to use powerline adapters is one of the easiest ways available to extend a wired internet connection around your home, particularly useful for our HD IP Wired Bird Box Camera. These small devices simply plug into your mains power supplies and let you run a network around your building's electrical circuit, instead of using a cable. 

There is no tricky network configuration required. Just plug the device you want to connect into one of the adapters and then plug your router into the second one. Then all you need to do is pair them together using the buttons on the devices and you're ready to go. As the devices need to be paired, the connection remains secure from external devices. This kit also features pass-through power so you still have a spare socket to use even when the device is plugged in.

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Run a network over mains
These easy to use adapters let you use your building's mains circuitry to run a network connection, removing the need to run additional network cables.

Ideal for connecting your DVR
This kit is the perfect solution for users who have a network-enabled CCTV recorder but want to set it up in a different room to their internet route

No additional wiring required
Helps save money and time, by preventing to need to run many metres of additional network cable

Pass-Through Power
Socket can still be used even with device plugged in

High Speed
Powerline adapters are capable of data transfer rates of up to 1000 Mbps

Simple installation
All you need to do to configure the kit is to plug both devices in and press the "pair" buttons, no configuration required!

Secure Networking
As the devices have to be paired together, there is no risk of external devices connecting with them

Easily connect your home
It's not just CCTV that these can help with. Use them to link up games consoles, smart TVs, computers and network storage drives all around your home!