Easy-Mount Corner Bracket


Easy-Mount Corner Bracket


Product Code: GFCORNBRA

NEW FOR 2021! Introducing our easy-mount corner bracket that takes the headache out of installing cameras in wooden wildlife habitats.

This easy-mount corner bracket allows you to easily install a nest box camera into any wildlife box. Secure in the corner of the box and mount up the camera and you're away!

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Wildlife enclosure camera bracket
Simply attach the bracket in the corner of your wildlife box using the included screws. Transform any wooden habitat into a wildlife TV studio!

Easy Mount
Easily mount your nest box camera on the bracket. You don't need to be a DIY expert to set this up.

Metallic Design
Made of sturdy metal, it won't warp or rot.

Pair up with our Hedgehog Boxes
Ideal for installation inside our wooden hedgehog boxes to get started watching hedgehogs in your garden.

Compatible with Green Feathers Cameras
Attach your nest box camera to the bracket to make installation easy.