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Introducing Green Feathers Bird Box Cameras

Introducing Green Feathers Bird Box Cameras

For years now, our popular garden wildlife cameras have been delighting animal and bird lovers, and providing an unmissable view of birds as they grow in the nest. As testament to this, we have sold tens of thousands of cameras to customers all over the world, and regularly get update emails as eggs hatch (keep them coming in!). We know how popular these cameras and because of this last year we announced Green Feathers bird box cameras by SpyCameraCCTV.  This is our new brand dedicated entirely to providing the highest quality, most user friendly wildlife observation cameras available on the market today. 

Green Feathers supply everything from quick to install DIY cameras to advanced HD remote-access technology for enthusiast users. Not only that, but you still get SpyCameraCCTV's trusted 2 year guarantee and friendly UK-based support to provide peace of mind when installing the cameras. You might also notice one important change- our cameras are now green, so you can always spot a genuine model. Let's have a look at some of the options on offer.

Wireless Bird Box Camera

This is by far our most popular camera, with 6 years of satisfied customers. The camera can be installed in a nest box out in your garden and it then transmits a video signal to a receiver that is kept in your house. This means you don't need to figure out a way of running a cable from your garden to your television, and makes it easy to move the box at a later date if required. All you need to connect the camera to is the mains using the included 3 metre power supply. We also have power extension cables if you want to move the camera to a location further away from your house.

These cameras feature channel selector switches. This means that, should you encounter interference, you can easily swap the camera to a different wireless channel with a cleaner signal. This is a feature unique to our cameras, and greatly reduces one of the main issues with wireless transmission.

Wired Bird Box Camera

In addition to the wireless model, we also stock a wired camera, that comes complete with a AV extension cable. Provided you are able to run the cable from your house then it is often actually a much simpler installation, as all you need to do is plug the camera in and you are up and running. No need to worry about interference or range. This model is also fantastic value for money, making it a great gift idea.

HD IP Bird Box Camera

No matter what your technical knowledge, Green Feathers have an option to help you get closer than ever before to nature! This is the result of over a year's worth of research and development with our factory, providing the highest resolution and best image quality of any bird box camera on the market. The kit uses a network IP camera, that records digital video, and sends it as data down a network cable to your router. The image is incredibly sharp, and the network connection means you can view it live from a PC, or even on your mobile device. It does however need configuration to get it up and running, so we recommend it as a great option for serious enthusiasts and bird lovers.

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