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Green Feathers Featured in Evening Standard!

Green Feathers Featured in Evening Standard!

We all love a bit of recognition for our work from time to time. It helps us know that what we're producing is great quality in the eyes of others. So we're really happy to share that our Bird Box Camera with HD Network Cable Connection was selected as the 'best for peering into nest boxes'.

HD Network Cable Bird Box Camera

Bird Box Camera HD with Network Cable Connection

  • HD Video -  pin-sharp, high-quality images in 1080p HD
  • Watch on Your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer
  • Night Vision & Wide-angle Lens
  • Audio & Image Controls
  • True-to-life Colours
  • Network Cable Included
  • Easy Set-up
  • IP Network Camera with Wired Reliability

Available from £119 (Buy Now)

Here's Evening Standard's understanding of the camera:

"This camera kit is designed to be inserted inside a nest box before birds come looking for somewhere to have their babies in the spring. It gives you a wide field of view inside the box, and supplies 1080p video to your computer or tablet down a cable that needs to be plugged into your internet router - it receives power over the same cable, cutting down on the disruption to your nestbox you’ll cause by fitting it.

There’s sound, via the built-in microphone, and night vision too, and the camera is waterproof so it can cope with showers of rain while in position. If 1080p video isn’t good enough, there’s a 4K version too, but it’s more expensive."

HD Cable Connection Bird Box Camera Side View

You can find Evening Standards full article on the Best Birdwatching Cameras of 2023 by clicking below.

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