Long Range Wireless Transmitter/Receiver Pack 300m



Long Range Wireless Transmitter/Receiver Pack 300m


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Long Range
Simple Set-up
Ideal for Outdoor Use
Uses (low usage) Digital Frequency
Loop Through Power Supply
Works with any IP Camera

This is ideal if you have a shed or shed or garage located at the end of a long garden providing an excellent location for setting up a birdbox or habitat. Instead of running a cable from the birdbox to your house, you can utilize this kit. It is a valuable addition to any camera setup, specifically designed for long-distance transmission of IP cameras.

It's just like being in the same room...

With the ability to transmit up to 300m* (clear line of sight required), this kit is perfect for individuals with extensive gardens or those involved in specialised birdwatching, nature or wildlife projects, offering a wire-free connection.

Once you have set up the transmitter and receiver, they function similarly to a wired connection. This allows you to easily connect your IP camera to an internet router effortlessly view the footage on your smartphone device.

Some of our customers have successfully used these kits through walls and windows. However, it's important to note that we can only guarantee the specified transmission distance under clear line of sight conditions. The effectiveness of the transmission may vary depending on environmental conditions and any objects placed between the transmitter and the receiver.

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  • Long Range - Up to 300m between Transmitter & Receiver (Line of Sight)

  • Simple Set-up - Plug and Play device giving you giving you Large wireless distances with no bother And little technical knowledge need

  • Ideal for Outdoor Use - Completely Waterproof

  • Uses (low usage) Digital Frequency - The frequency is nowhere near as busy or congested as your more traditional ranges used for wifi, phones and other standard devices, therefore less chance of interference. 

  • Loop Through Power Supply - Only one Mains Power Supply required to power both the camera and the transmitter

  • Works with any IP Camera - giving you full control over all the features/settings (as if sat next to it) of the camera despite being several 100m+ away