Solar Panel Rechargeable Battery Supply Power for Trail Cameras

Solar Panel Rechargeable Battery Supply Power for Trail Cameras


Product Code: HCAMSOLAR

This Solar Panel Battery charger allows you to power trail cameras using the energy of the Sun. You can power trail cameras for up to 5 hours in the day simply using the integrated rechargeable battery in this small device. An external power source can also be used to charge up the internal battery. Designed to be used with our camouflaged trail cameras, this is a handy way of providing another power source to your camera.

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Power Trail Cameras
This solar panel with its integrated battery is designed to power all standard trail cameras.

Solar Panel
Using the solar panel, the internal battery can be charged within a day of good sunlight.

Integrated Battery Charger
Power is stored using a Lithium-ion battery integrated within the panel.

Recharge from an external source
You can also recharge the battery using power from another source using the input cable.

Suitable for outdoors
This panel is good to be used outdoors thanks to the IP56-rated casing.

Easy Mounting
All accessories are included to make it easy to mount up the panel where you need it to be, including an adjustable strap and metallic stand.