HD Cable Connection Bird Feeder Camera Starter Pack


HD Cable Connection Bird Feeder Camera Starter Pack


Product Code: NCTV2WPBF

Watch feeding birds up close with this bird feeder camera kit. Simply attach the waterproof camera to the wooden mount, hang up a bird feeder and watch birds flying in to get their food. Attract all sorts of bird species to your garden by providing the food they need and capture every detail using our waterproof high-definition camera.

The camera is designed for viewing on your TV and includes a 20-metre cable to carry video from the camera and power to the camera.

Now features a FREE Eco-Friendly Premium Bird Seed Feeder.

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Outdoor Bird Feeder Camera Kit
Simply attach the waterproof camera to the bird feeder mount, hang up a bird feeder and watch visiting feeding birds on your television.

Weatherproof Camera – Suitable for the Outdoors
The camera is housed in a water-tight casing rated IP68, which means it can go outside of a nest box as well as inside!

1080p Full HD from Camera
This camera produces fully detailed HD video. When connected directly into your TV using the AV input the video is downscaled, but you can use one of our Mini HD Recorders to watch it in Full HD!

Wooden Bird Feeding Station
Made in the UK out of high-quality and sustainable wood, the Bird Feeder Station acts as both a mount for the camera and a surface from which to hang a bird feeder.

Watch on your TV
To view live footage, simply connect the receiver to a TV or monitor using the included cable. This gives you a simple way to watch wildlife in the comfort of your living room.

Low Light
This camera features the latest Starlight chip, which enables create quality images even in low-light situations.

Night Vision
24/7 viewing with infra-red night vision so that you can see what is happening even in pitch black.

Wide-Angle Lens
The camera includes a wide-angle lens so it works great in tight spaces.

Easy Connectivity
Simply power up the camera, plug in the cameras and you’ll be up and running.