Mini HD Recorder with HDMI Cable with 128GB SD Card

Mini HD Recorder with HDMI Cable with 128GB SD Card


Product Code: GFDEC2GB-128GB

The Mini HD Recorder with HDMI Cable is perfect for those looking to record camera footage and audio of birds and garden wildlife directly to a MicroSD Card. It will save you from the headaches of downloading an app or playing around with your network settings.

By using the Green Feathers remote control, allows you to switch between various different settings and tailor the recording experience to your needs. 

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Different Recording Modes

  • Continuous: Records video for up to five minutes at a time. A new file is created every five minutes so you can easily manage and edit recordings. 
  • Motion: Once movement is detected, it records for thirty seconds, allowing you to save storage and only record what you want to see. 

Power Up Recording

  • When set to motion recording mode, this recorder detects motion and records as soon as it’s powered up.

Easy to Use

  • Configure and control the recorder using the included remote control.

Backup Controls

  • If you lose your controller, don’t worry! Basic functions can be performed using the buttons on the recorder. 

Loop Recording

  • Once storage is full, it can be set to overwrite oldest recordings, or to stop recording.