Long Range WiFi Access Point Panel

Long Range WiFi Access Point Panel


Product Code: COM2G

This 2GHz WiFi panel allows you to transmit a WiFi access point outdoors with a range of up to 200m. This allows you to connect to a WiFi camera from a much further distance away than a standard WiFi router can provide. This is extremely useful for situations where your cameras are far out of range of your conventional WiFi network.

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High-power outdoor WiFi transmission bridge
Transmit 2GHz WiFi outdoors over much longer distances using this panel. Connect to WiFi cameras that are positioned far away from the building containing your WiFi router.

Long-distance performance
Thanks to the dual high-gain 14dBi antennas the panel can transmit over large areas.

Power over Ethernet
No external power required thanks to PoE, allowing you to power up the panel using just one network cable.

Outdoor protection
Comprehensive protection against severe outdoor environments including lightning protection and weatherproof IP65-rated casing.

Low-temperature protection
Supports operation in sub-zero conditions.

Supports the hiding of the WiFi's SSID so that can't be detected by other users.

Easy installation
Mount these lightweight units to a wall or pole-mount high up for the best coverage.