Hedgehog Box Camera HD Deluxe Bundle TV Connection


Hedgehog Box Camera HD Deluxe Bundle TV Connection


Product Code: NCTV2HH

Our hedgehog box wired camera kit bundle allows you to get up close and personal with visiting hedgehogs in your own garden. This kit includes everything you need to get started: our hi-res wired nest box camera, a 20-metre video/audio/power cable for the camera and our handmade wooden hedgehog box of your choice. The camera kit is designed to be connected up to your TV directly and includes an HD upscaler for direct connection to your TV via HDMI.

Our hedgehog box features an eco-roof made of recycled composite materials with the added benefit of being completely waterproof and rot-proof. It's built with a sloping roof for water drainage along with additional grooves on the top of the side panels. The lid is hinged and lockable. Ventilation is provided by a clog-proof, narrow gap under the roof along the front.

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Hedgehog Watching Camera Kit
Install the camera in your hedgehog feeding station or house to watch visiting hedgehogs up close and personal without disturbing them!

Quality Hedgehog Box
Includes a hand-crafted birdhouse from our UK workshop, made from sturdy thick timber

Waterproof Recycled Eco Roof
The eco-roof is both UV and fully waterproof. It gently slopes to ensure water drains off quickly and underside grooves stop water coming in to keep the hedgehogs nice and dry. The roof is made out of a recycled plastic blend that doesn't rot and ensures longevity.

1080p Full HD from Camera
This camera produces fully detailed HD video. When connected directly into your TV using the AV input the video is downscaled, but you can use one of our Mini HD Recorders to watch it in Full HD!

Television Connectivity
Simply power up the camera, connect the cable to the camera at one end and to your TV at the other, and you’ll be up and running.

In-Camera Microphone
Hear every cheep and ruffle thanks to the in-built microphone picking up every little sound from the nest.

Low Light
This camera features the latest Starlight chip, which enables create quality images even in low-light situations.

Night Vision
24/7 viewing with infra-red night vision so that you can see what is happening even in pitch black.

Easy-mount Corner Bracket
We've included our corner bracket so that you can easily install the camera yourself without needing to be a DIY expert! This enables the wide-angle lens to get the best angle from inside the box.

Wired Reliability – No Wireless
Because the camera runs on professional-grade cables, it provides a robustly reliable signal at all times. No need to worry about getting enough WiFi signal or being out of range!