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When Do Birds Start Nesting?

When Do Birds Start Nesting?

Blue Tit Nesting In Bird Box

So, When Will I See Birds In My Bird Box?

You’ve just finished setting up your new Bird Box Camera, you’re excited to see which birds will take up residence in your little establishment. It’s been a week since, very little action so far. Now you’re starting to wonder, When Do Birds Start Nesting? Well let us answer that for you, along with providing some other useful information about birds you might not have already known!

When Is Nesting Season In The UK?

In the UK, the Nesting Season is widely recognised as beginning in late February and ending around August. With March to July often being the ‘busiest’ period for nesting. Climate change has also played a part in this, gradually causing the nesting season to begin much earlier than it was just a few decades ago.

Do All Birds Have The Same Nesting Times?

They don’t! During different times of the year, you’re more likely to spot certain species of birds nesting than others. This happens for a multitude of reasons, with the main factor being Food.

Which Birds Nest The Earliest?

Way ahead of schedule comes in the Crosshill, commonly spotted in Scotland. Crosshills begin nesting in JANUARY. They’re closely followed by Ravens & Long Tailed Tits nesting in February. Then as March arrives so do Blackbirds and the UK Garden favourites, Robins start nesting.

 Robin Standing On Tree Branch
 © Andy Hay

As Summer gets underway, a number of birds will migrate to the UK such as Swallows & Sparrows. Aside from these travellers, seed eaters such as Finches will start nesting at this time to ensure a steady supply of food.

Have A Specific Bird On Your Wishlist?

There’s nothing wrong with having favourites. So how do you go about attracting your bird of choice? Well, our Bird Box Steel Cover Plates are the perfect addition to deterring unwanted guests. We’ve included a multitude of sizes in the set, whilst also making it easy for you to switch them in and out.

Bird Box Steel Cover Plates

Which Cover Encourages Which Bird?

To Put It Simply
- Small (25mm) As expected, small birds such as Blue, Coal & Marsh Tits
- Medium (28mm) Aimed at slightly bigger birds, Great Tits & Tree Sparrows for example
- Large (32mm) Leaving space for the big ones. House Sparrows, Nuthatches and Woodpeckers will appreciate the extra space

The End Result

The bird watcher’s dream. You’ve done all the prep work. Nesting season is firmly underway and you’ve accessorised your Bird Box to your liking. Then the moment arrives, a bird has taken a liking to the lovely nest box you’ve set up for them and now you’re up-close enjoying nature’s beauty go to work. Here's an example captured by the Green Feathers community of what this could look like you! 

Blue Tit Nesting Captured On Bird Box Camera
We're constantly sharing content like this from bird watchers around the country over on the Green Feathers Instagram. Be sure to follow and check it out for more nesting content!  

Wish You Could Get in On The Fun?

If you feel like you’re too late to get involved, don’t be! Some birds don’t start nesting until mid to late April. At Green Feathers, we have all the supplies for you to watch birds nesting. So, whether you need just a Bird Box Camera or even a Bird Box itself we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking to just tip you toe in, the Wireless Bird Box Camera & Wired versions are great budget options allowing you to watch nesting birds for a very low price. For those wanting to view those nesting sparrows on their smartphone/tablet, whether you’re at home or on the move. We’d recommend our most popular nest box camera, the WiFi Bird Box Camera. Easy to setup and once paired with your preferred device you won’t miss a thing on the Green Feathers app.
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