What Should I Feed the Birds in my Garden?

There is nothing more relaxing than seeing birds hopping around and enjoying your garden, but what should you feed them to ensure they keep coming back? Well that all depends on the type of birds you are seeing. This blog post will cover the most common garden visitors and their favourite foods so you can ensure that your bird table gets a 5 star rating.

What do Robins eat?

The robin is known to eat worms, insects, seeds and fruits. For a robin the best things to top up your bird table with are fruit such as raisins, mealworms, seeds, suet, crushed peanuts, and sunflower hearts.

What do Blue Tits eat?

Bluetits eat mixed bird seeds and peanuts mainly but will also eat insects and mealworms. For a blue tit, top up your feeder with mixed seeds, peanuts and mealworms.

What do Blackbirds eat?

Blackbirds will mainly snack on the insects in your garden rather than your feeders but they do love fruit and seeds too. Suet that contains insects or berries will be the most likely thing to draw Blackbirds to your table.

What do House Sparrows eat?

The house sparrow mainly eats seeds so top up your feeders with mixed seed and sunflower seeds.

What do Starlings eat?

Anything and everything! The Starlings are greedy little birds but they are comical to watch as the shovel as much food down as they can. Any bird food you put down will be greatly enjoyed by a starling from seeds, to fruit, to insects.

What do Goldfinches eat?

Goldfinches enjoy particular types of seeds: alder, birch, thistle, and dandelion... though these aren't quite so easy to come by to top up your feeder so try niger seed which is also a firm favourite.

What do Chaffinches eat?

The chaffinch is another bird that is happy to receive any type of food. Seeds, fruit, and chopped peanuts and sunflower hearts are a great choice for them.

What do Wrens eat?

Wrens mainly eat insects and spiders so are a friend to the arachnophobe. However they are also partial to mealworms, natural peanut butter, and peanut hearts. 

What do Greenfinches eat?

Greenfinches eat insects, buds and shoots, and will visit your table for peanuts and sunflower seeds.

We hope this guide is helpful for you to start feeding, and attracting different birds to your garden. You can catch all the action at your bird table with bird feeder camera kits.

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