How to Care for Birds During Storms.

Storm Brendan is wreaking havoc, wheelie bins are being blown down the street, and the great British public is considering trading their cars in for boats. We've compiled some tips on how you can give our feathered friends a helping hand in bad weather, storms, and soggy winters.

Top up those feeders regularly.

Even the biggest birds struggling to venture too far in poor weather. Knowing there is a continuous source of food in the form of your feeder means they don't have to search for it. You'll notice repeat, and very thankful, visitors.

Keep food dry.

Wet birdseed can grow mould which can cause disease in birds. Try to keep the food dry as best you can and change it regularly to protect it from the damp. Throwing away seed is much better than poorly birds. Opt for small and frequent top-ups to eliminate too much wastage.

Provide shelter.

Having bushes in your garden will help birds like the Robin shelter from the rain. Other birds like the Blue Tit prefer nest boxes

Deliveroo for Birds.

If you're braving the weather to walk the dog, take some birdseed with you. Pop some under bushes and trees in dry spots along the way. You'll likely find there are some little birds sheltered there who are struggling to get out who will be very grateful for this home delivery service.


Provide High-Energy Food.

Flying and foraging in bad weather is hard work! So birds need a bit of a helping hand with their nutrition. Food with a healthy high-fat content is perfect like peanuts, fat balls, mealworms, peanut butter, even the chopped up fat from your Sunday roast meat.


We'd love to hear what you're doing to help the birds! Let us know in the comments.