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Green Feathers App Updates May 2022

Green Feathers App Updates May 2022

two screenshots of the green feathers appIf you own either the 3rd Gen Wifi Bird Box Camera or the 3rd Gen Wifi Wildlife Camera, then you'll be familiar with our Green Feathers app.

We have just seen the final sign off of nearly 12 months of design and development work on our Green Feathers app. You may have experienced some of these changes throughout the year, but the final parts went live in recently, which you will see when you log into the camera as the colours have changed.

Many of the changes are the results of listening to feedback from our customers and by our mantra here ‘Can your Gran do it?’, where we strive to take technical products and make them easy to use. It’s a long journey and we’re not 100% there yet, but we hope you can agree that the app is much better than it used to be. 

We are planning more improvements and tweaks in the future, and work has already started on a new phase. So please let us know if there is anything you notice that you think could be improved. All ideas are considered and added to our development board.

So what actually are the changes? Let's take a look.

1. Overall: a refreshed look featuring our revamped logo. The language and wording has been reviewed throughout the app. All intended to provide you with a more user-friendly experience.

2. Login and register screens now more intuitive and clean, using our brand green to highlight active buttons.

3. Login using Google option so you don't have to create a new account.

4. Set-up language is more 'garden' rather than 'home' orientated.

5. Add Camera setup has undergone significant review and user-testing making the process more intuitive, clear, straight-forward and stress-free:

  • We have streamlined the setup modes and stages.
  • We have revised the on-screen language and in-camera voice prompts making it easier to understand.
  • There is now an option to connect by scanning a QR Code, our easiest connection method.

6. We have updated the default, straight-out-of-the-box camera settings to: enable motion detection, enable event recording, enable local recording when an SD card is present, add time/date stamp to recordings, automatically update the camera.

7. Improved playback interface and functionality:

  • Clarified the look of the playback bar, icons and calendar.
  • Removed the microphone function: and therefore removing the ability to disturb your nesting birds.
  • Updated notification wording to let you know when you've had visitors.

8. Customised Cloud Storage! This is a great feature which allows you to store your photos/videos of nesting birds online. We now offer 4 options to choose from based on your requirements. The best part is, all options come with a 1-month free trial.

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